Sunday, December 19, 2010

Painting People

Kris Chau
Philadelphia Weekly Cover
ok. she is my friend and I give her enough shout outs on this blog.
 But, this portrait of Ben Franklin never ceases to blow me away

Daniel Garber
the Studio Wall, 1914
a lot of his works were landscapes of beautiful bucks county, where I grew up
  but this was painted in his home in Philadelphia on Green St.

 Felice Casorati
girl on a red carpet 1912
i respond to this so much because of my love of textiles, prints, and pattern
the perspective of the floral carpet is beautiful

John Currin
Rachel in Fur 2002
this is so fashiony. love.

Lucian Freud
Bella 1981
I've never heard of Lucian Freud until now.  Such a master of portrait painting.  
I love the floral embroidery detail in the clothing

i really like portraits.  We received the book "Painting People" at Petulia's Folly and I discovered a bunch of artists I maybe should know about, but don't.  
Anyway, here are some portraits I've recently come across that I like.... there is a common theme; i tend to gravitate to things involving clothing & textiles.