Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In case you don't know, I won best in show for my senior fashion show.  My inspiration was the contrast between the glitz and glamour of the roaring 2os and the economic depression that was impending at the time (sound familiar?).  I portrayed this with lots of drab metallics mixed with tons of antique sequins and of course drop waists.   That was five years ago, but I am still in love with my collection and the concept behind it.  Thats probably why I gravitated towards the Gryphon booth at Coterie this weekend.  Designer Aimee Cho mixes embellished military jackets and trenches with sequin dresses and tops.  I wish I could find a good picture of the line, but all the pics on shopbop, etc don't do the line any justice at all.

Look who I saw in Soho today

and I didn't throw a book at him. 
 All kidding aside, I viewed his line this weekend, and I really liked a few pieces which I can't find on style.com.  And of course I loved T...even though my muscle T is already pilling in the butt area from too much wear.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Out on a Lim / Fur Real?

I'm headed up to NYC to look at F09 lines...I'm not sure yet, but I might get to see 3.1 Phillip Lim which is one of my favorites.  I just did my homework and looked at his show on style.com. It was super young looking and the 60s/70s styling was a little gimmicky than what I am used to from him....not that its a bad thing.
On the other hand...look at all this fur.  Is it real?! cause I am not fur that.  

Feeling Lazy

ugh..i was really proud of myself in february for posting every day.  I guess I have been feeling a tad uninspired and a lot lazy.  Speaking of lazy, I hardly ever wear make-up. Last night, I went out for a bachelorette party.  I thought I should probably wear makeup.  Scott took this picture of me; I thought I'd share since me + makeup =momentus/blogworthy event

Saturday, February 14, 2009

If you read my blog,

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warsaw on Etsy

I had to stop using my old Warsaw tote because it got dirty from too much usage.  I'm pining after this Quilt Tote (of course I like the "quilt" tote) made in collaboration with the uber talented Luren Jenson.  The traditional tote comes in some really beautiful overdyed colorways, too.  All available on Etsy.

Robert Christian Malmberg

I discovered Robert Christian Malmberg via mooodboard.  I love these fashiony photos that look like silver plate photos of yore.

Before and After

scott and I moved into our apartment about six months ago; and we've had my parents hand-me-down couch since then.  You may recognize it because it was probably the same kind that was in your college dorm common area...  It was covered in this ugly floral jacquard:over the last week or so I finally got around to recovering it; I did a so/so job...its kinda puckery:
initially, I wanted to screen print the fabric first, but I don't know how to screen print, and I didn't want to bother my friends to do it. Who knows?-it still might be in this couch's future. Actually, I still have an additional couch, a chair, and a couple of footrests from the same collection sitting in my parent's old house. So, I should probably make covers for them before I start printing. Anyway, as you can see, I am going for a tan/red-orange/black theme centered around my pillows. I want this persian rug that was recently up on ebay to go with:
but by the time i've finished decorating our apartment, I'm sure it will be time to move out

Monday, February 9, 2009

WPA Quilts

I went shopping in old city yesterday and went to the new Art In The Age store. I'm coveting this WPA quilt pattern book they have. I'm dreaming that part of Obama's stimulus package will be to create WPA-like programs and I will get to make quilts all day in order to fuel the economy.

Tracey Emin

If I had to chose one favorite artist, it would definitely be Tracey Emin. Since I am on a quilt kick, I thought I'd share some of her work.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feed Me

looking at that Gee's Bend quilt down below, I am reminded of how much I like the prints on feed sacks (all ebay finds)

Quilt Trip

because I love textiles, anything handmade, tradition, and laying in bed, I love quilts! When I read about Gee's Bend years ago, I couldn't wait for the day to see the exhibit. It finally came to Philly this past fall, and I lusted after so many of them.

i've been wanting a new quilt for my bed; one that wasn't too feminine now that I share it with Scott. I have one from Urban Outfitters that was nice, but too pink and also chewed up by Finn.

I've been looking at Anthropologie's bedding for a while, too...but it was too, umm, anthropologie.

Once made my own quilt cover for an art show at Vagabond. The theme was Vagabonds, so mine has patches of circus freaks. I never got around to the actual quiltting part, though, so i never use it.
(kookoo the bird girl)
But the moral of this post is really that I wanted to show you my new quilt that I picked up at Matta's booth at the NYGIF. I instantly fell in love with this one-of-a-kind beauty for my bed.

(yes! thats sunshine)

now if only we could remember to make the bed everyday

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Giles & Booger...I mean Brother

Giles & Brother, jewelry designer Philip Crangi's (2007 CFDA winner) little sister line, just set up shop on the web. I love all of the customizable pieces. I am hoping Scott will buy me a ring for valentine's day engraved with "Booger." booger is the name we gave to Scott's big beer belly; mine is meatball. At the same time they are just our terms of endearment for one another. Awwwwwww!

banned from shoppin'

I've never been a fan of Ray Bans, so why do I have to have these "clubmasters"??!!!Now the question: black or tortoise?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ready for warm weather

the snow looks so pretty outside, but I'm tired of the cold
(vintage slip in my backyard)

mociun's spring line makes me crave the beach

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

don't you love..


the last picture is pillow I made!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Forever in Blue Jeans

excerpts from that book i am forever making

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Revenge of The Flowers

Speaking of Calvin Klein ads, Scott once met this guy, Jason who used to model in the CK One ads. Jason is now makes art in Philadelphia, and Scott asked him to make this beautiful notebook for my 25th birthday.

Even though Scott always gets me great gifts, this is my favorite. He picked out the image that went in side of a lady laying in bed...the transparent paper overlay reads "revenge of the flowers"

here is a link to artemus quibble and the creatures of mme. du barry; jason's line of things made from antique materials

The New Pornographers: Calvin Klein & Steven Meisel

I have always been a fan of Calvin Klein's ad campaigns and was really excited to watch this commercial by Steven Meisel for S09 jeans. There has always been controversy surrounding the sexiness of the ads, but I was always all for it. Until this one...its a little gratuitous, don't you think? Too intentional and therefore stupid. Gross-if i want to look at porn I'd just go look through the browsing history on Scott's computer.

disappointed; they really jumped the shark with this one.