Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Punchy Pastels

i like these pastely prints from Spring '08 Dior and Fall '08 Mociun

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Come Fly with Me

I've noticed a very interesting silhouette re-occurring on the runways. The belted dress with what I describe as fly-aways at the side. We carried the sawtooth belted dress from Rachel Comey at Petulia's Folly, where I first took notice. Of course, McQueen's butterfly dress has been getting a lot of blog press, but thought "hmmm...that shape looks very familiar". Then, while browsing Christian Dior's resort collection on I found this similar version. I'm guessing this shape comes from something vintage, but I've never seen it before.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Model Dog

I wanted to show you the oversized studded faux wood cuff I bought from Banana Republic yesterday. I am always scouring their sale jewelry and usually find something cool and cheap. Scott said I looked like a "demented S&M" which is what our 8th grade science teacher called him when he wore a dog collar around his neck. And the fact that I made my dog, Finn, wear it in this pic instead of me has less to do with that statement than it does with the fact that I couldn't take a picture off the bracelet on me without my arm looking chubb.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twin Power!

Just before Christmas, the cutest set of twin sisters came in to Petulia's Folly with their dad. They mentioned they had a jewelry line, and were of course wearing some of their pieces. I didn't particularly take notice that day. However, a few weeks later I was in Boston shopping in a store called Stel's on Newbury St and I immediately recognized some of the jewelry they carried as the twins'. It turns out the line is Lizzie Fortunato...designed by Lizzie, but the business end is handled by her twin sister, Kathryn. I love how Lizzie mixes textiles and tassels with found objects and beautiful semi-precious stones. Since January, I keep revisiting their site and one day hope to own a few pieces. And since I am a twin myself, I doubly support the collaboration!!


I have always been an avid fan of perfume. Up until a few years ago,when I discovered Commes des Garcons Odeur 53, I would by a different perfume every year and wear that scent daily. Now I ONLY wear Odeur 53, though I had such diffecult time finding a new bottle in January when my old bottle ran out. While window shopping at I came across Yosh a San Fransisco based perfume line by Yosh Han. I love her philosophy and also her lableless, minimalistic packaging. I found her Sweet Suite sampler set on and i am so curious think I may just treat myself. Just in case I'm not happy with Yosh, I can always stick to old faithful, as it looks like luckyscents has plenty of Odeur 53 in stock.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

new hair

i'm so tired of my long hair. for a while I've wanted the haircut that my brothers had in fourth grade...the skater cut i think they called it. I imagine i'd look like i had selma blair's haircut as pictured