Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why couldn't I have been Tavi when I was twelve?

I came across Tavi while reading my friend Laia's blog. I couldn't tell if she was a real life twelve year old, or a seasoned fashion industry professional who happened to suffer from dwarfism. Teen vogue verified that she is, in fact, twelve years old as they named her "blogger of the moment." I mean, isn't she technically a tween, disqualifying her from the blogger of the moment award?
Srsly, not only does this girl have the fashion sense to outcool a bar full of hipsters any day, but she has the most hilariously dry writing style to boot. AND, she knows her fashion shit. AND she plays guitar and loves music more than she loves fashion. She is so pretty, too...this girl is going to grow up to be a total rock star.
Is it fair to be so jealous of a 7th grader? Honestly, as I am writing this, I am beginning to think her older damn-the-man teenage sibling is just dressing Tavi up in random articles of clothing, making a mockery of all of us "serious" fashion bloggers.
still jealous.

High School Studs

While "windows" shopping at Topshop (actually, I have a Mac) I came across these studded booties.

Which reminded me how much I loved the High School Musical photoshoot that Elle did a few months back.

My other girl crush, Vanessa Hudgens, wears the original Guccis which I'm sure "inspired" the Topshop version.

This years Rock & Romantic trend tied in perfectly with the Grease inspired theme of the shoot. In addition to the boots, I especially loved the Cavalli floral print dress the Tis wore.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, I finally succamb to the pressure and joined Facebook the other day. Its kind of amazing and a little bit scary how much information you find about former classmates. A pleasant surprise, though, was a discovery I made about Steph Bodnar, a former classmate who I never really knew was into fashion back in the day. She and her business partner are being honored in San Francisco's Gen Art Fresh Faces of Fashion on October 30th. I am feeling a Romy and Michelle moment here, where I am the fat knocked up cheerleader, Christie, who has accomplished nothing with her life. Just kidding, I wasn't that mean; I get to be Lisa a fringe a-lister who was the associate fashion editor at Vogue. Anyway, congrats Odileodette!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say What recently uploaded these booties from Stella McCartney. Dare I say I like these even better than the patent pumps I posted about a few days ago?

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Like most people, I first heard about Gov. Sarah Palin a little less than two months ago. I remember watching CNN in my hotel room in Vienna and thinking I might never want to come back to the good old USA. That is to say, i instantly loved her. Love to hate her, I mean.
Thats why I really want this t-shirt from print liberation

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last night I went to Vagabond, where my friend Elsa had a trunkshow for her line of bags called Warsaw. Not only do I love the logo, but all of the bags are super utilitarian. I bought a tote bag so now I can stop carrying my lunch in my sponge bob bag.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lazy Days

Today I was so lazy. As you can see, I spent much of the day in front of this computer. When I am too lazy to think about my appearance (which is almost anyday, actually) these are my favorite make-me-feel-decent-with-minimal-effort products. Most of them i use everyday regardless of my motivation, or lack thereof.

rosebud minted lip salve -the best textured balm i have ever tried
comme des garcons odeur 53 eau de toilette -clean, crisp, unique
american apparel deep v tee in heather grey -comfy, casual, sexy
dior hydrating skin tint SPF 20- moisturizing, sheer coverage, and most importantly protects my skin
victorias secret wireless ipex bra- comfort with clevage
secret original shower fresh- i've been using this since i was 12. fresh, clean, not overpowering.
frizz ease -smooths out the fly aways and saves me time in the shower when i can't condition


Congrats to my friend, Lizz, of one of my daily reads Material Concern. In a GenArt event hosted tonight in LA by Maggie Gyllenhaal (girl crush!), Lizz's clothing line, Popomomo, is one of four featured up and coming lines that use organic and or sustainable materials. Yay Popomomo for being green! check out info on the event here. Lizz's blog here. and Popomomo here.

Today's Purchase

this cropped blazer from Urban Outfitters.

its about time..

during market week a few weeks back, I went with the Petulia's Folly buyer to check out the spring lines. We came across Etten Eller, a new jewlery line designed by artist Christina Bloom. Inspired by her grandfather's collection of vintage time peices, she fashions her necklaces out of watch parts. My favorite item, not shown here, consists of two delicate gold chains off of which several tiny tiny watch hands dangle from. Read more about the line here

Pumped Up

dying for these Stella McCartney patent wooden wedge pumps with silver inlay.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Its raining its pouring

I hate to admit how much I really love stella mccartney. One of my all time favorite teachers was named Ebru Ercon, who was an indie designer in London at the time i studied there. She went to central St. Martin's with Stella, and said while everyone else had to use their friends as models, Stella used her connections to get people like Naomi or something. I got curious what my old teach was up to and I dug something up on her that lead me to believe she now designs for Adidas by Stella McCartney. Anyway, my point is, I really like this slicker by Stella McCartney for Adidas.

New Headband, New Post

i needed something to blog about so I made this headband.
scott collects the beer bottles in the background...he never went to college until now, and though I always loathed the "i am real cool cause i've tried all these beers isn't it cool to be an underage beer drinker" display above the cupboards, i chalk it up to all part of the experience and let him go with it. at least there are no natty ice cans.
i also made the nudie magnets on the fridge...the pics are from a vintage "Oui" magazine i bought along the Seine in gay paris.