Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I see a coffee table in my future

i went to New Hope, PA to my favorite shop, Strawberry Jam. I went to pay for some notebooks, and these Edward Gorey tarot cards were at the counter. I couldn't pass them up as I thought they would be great for my non-existent coffee table.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fend for yourself, bitch

while I am experiencing some remorse over the $27 worth of food i just bought at Whole foods, i am at the same time remembering a young college age lady who came in the the boutique the other day who obviously had no remorse over anything she purchases. at least not the $1300 Fendi bag so nonchalantly slouched over her shoulder. it must be easy to live guilt free when you're obviously not the one footing the bill. or when you're not equating the cost of goods with the number of hours worked. all I can say is:
i can spot these over indulged college girls a mile away....and i am obviously color blocked with envy

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Leather Goods

Scott and I are saving to go to Europe this summer. So while my $20 old navy bag will have to suffice for a (long) while, I can at least do some window shopping for a nicer one (I've accepted the camoscio will never be mine). While doing some virtual window shopping this morning, I came across Knox, a line of handbags designed by a girl and her dad, who makes the custom hardware. I'm hoping the carriage bag will still be around next year which is how long it will take me to save enough money for it.
I also stopped by FreePeople.com, who has their new March catalog items up. I absolutely love these embossed leather belts. I love the ring closure on the floral one, but Scott was in a band called "and so it begins..." when he was in high school; I think I have to go with the embossed "so it goes" belt...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ga-Ga for Galliano

A few weeks ago, the Philadelphia Museum of Art (I work there) gave me some literature on their library at the new Perelman Building. The little brochure had a beautiful illustration of Paul Poiret's from the museums collection...it was really inspiring and I thought I had to get to the library to discover some more from Poiret. But, it looks like John Galliano beat me to it. I normally don't care for his over the top, gimicky fashion shows, but I was in awe of his latest collection for F'08. Obviously inspired by Paul Poirets 1910ish illustrations of woman donning some fine chinoiserie, the collection had some pieces I thought were actually very wearable, like the studded chiffon dress above. I loved everything from this collection from the color palatte to the prints, and also the jewelry and shoes. I totally love the look of the rabbit fur coat with the tiny ruffle detail, and I know it was a big thing in the 1910s-20s, but almost a century later, I wish he used a better alternative.