Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Leather Goods

Scott and I are saving to go to Europe this summer. So while my $20 old navy bag will have to suffice for a (long) while, I can at least do some window shopping for a nicer one (I've accepted the camoscio will never be mine). While doing some virtual window shopping this morning, I came across Knox, a line of handbags designed by a girl and her dad, who makes the custom hardware. I'm hoping the carriage bag will still be around next year which is how long it will take me to save enough money for it.
I also stopped by, who has their new March catalog items up. I absolutely love these embossed leather belts. I love the ring closure on the floral one, but Scott was in a band called "and so it begins..." when he was in high school; I think I have to go with the embossed "so it goes" belt...

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