Sunday, July 22, 2007

So I've consistantly gained 10 lbs per year since i've been out of college. I remember it literally being two weeks after I graduated college, I had to model in this hair show and I wanted to wear these pair of jeans, but they were too tight. It happened just like everyone said it would. But 30 llbs on a 5'1" girl is a superlot, as the online BMI calculator will tell me. I am certifiably obese.
Inspite of warnings about the freshman 15, I actually lost about 25 llbs between my freshman and senior year of college, with the help of the weight watchers points program as well as some excersice and late nights in the studio where I burned the midnight oil plus some extra calories. As I mentioned over the last three years, I have managed to gain all of that back and then some. Several months ago, I went back to the points. I lost about 6 llbs in two weeks, but after that, I kinda just stopped going to those annoying meetings. I gained back the six llbs and then some.
I knew I was fat, and despite literally typing "motivation to lose weight" into my google search engine, I could not muster up ANY. But leave it to my girl, Oprah, to reach out to me while I was sitting on the coach drinking a milkshake with a side fries. She said "If you can't find motivation to lose weight, the best thing to do is just start"
So, the next day I decided to try the No Flour, No sugar diet- hey it was better than nothing. I got the idea from my neighbor, who had tremendous success with it. I haven't read the book, but just try to stay away from anything that might even have flour in it, and anything that has added sugar. Then I set weekly goals. The first week, I just had to stick by the basic principle....but I was eating lots of french fries (my vice) to replace the bread products I was missing. But last week, I gave up french fries. Next week, I am going to start excersing on mondays, wedsdays and fridays.
So far I have lost 6 llbs and I still feel motivated. I will check in with my weekly goals and maybe some before and after pictures. Who knows, I may stick with this one and actually reach my goal weight of 125 llbs, but honestly, I would be really happy at 135.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I've been busy embellishing bags and sewing my students garments for a fashion show we had today oh and also asking people to give money to the art museum, which i think I am getting quite good at. My toe healed in one week. Scott and I are going on a trip out west. I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Other than that I've had nothing exciting to report on. OH yes i do. Tomorrow at the starlight ballroom the punk rock flea market is going on. Scott is selling records and I am selling tons of my old clothes for 1-5 dollars.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Toe

It all started with a little hangnail on the big toe of my right foot; i just pulled it right off. Even though I've done that a million times, this time I was thinking to myself "this is going to hurt, maybe I should get some clippers." I didn't listen. The next day, the side of my toe was sore an obviously a bit infected. Thought it would go away. The day after that, it was red and puffy all around the edges; thats never happened before. Still expected it to go away. Saturday morning, my toe was throbbing and I decided I needed to call the podiatrist.
The plan was that Scott would drop me off, I would get a prescription for anti-biotics, and then I would walk the ten blocks home while he got his hair cut. We got there and the place looked overly ghetto; I guess thats what I should have expected for chosing a Dr. on South Broad street. I made Scott come in with me, when in fact I discovered the inside wasn't too bad. However, the receptionist was overly interested in me being in the fashion business and wouldn't stop talking about clothes. Soon I was in the room with the awkward but kind Dr AND the receptionist. Upon close inspection of the toe, the Dr. said I would be getting a needle. "okay, cool" I thought to myself "he will just inject a little medicine and that way i wont have to deal with going to CVS and having to take antibiotics for a week" but then the Dr. explains that he needs to give me four shots of lidocaine in the toe so he can remove half of my toenail. I started to get nervous- over the years I've gained an aversion to needles, but was brave and let him stick me. It fucking hurt, and the receptionist just kept right on talking to me about how girls shouldn't be wearing big shirts because if they looked. "I mean, really looked at themselves" they'd realize they look pregnant. (and by the way, she asked if i was pregnant earlier, I was wearing a big shirt).
After the pain from the first needle, I started getting even more nervous, i just kept thinking about how he was about to cut my toenail out. I was working up a sweat, my heart was beating really fast, and in her efforts to distract me with conversation, the Receptionist just made me want to throw up. I was trying not to be a baby all along, being that Scott and I got in a little fight about me being too needy just the night before, but finally I gave in and asked if my boyfriend could come in the room. Scott wasn't surprised about the situation and I new he would be excited to watch the proceedure go down. After four shots of numbing liquid, I obviously wasn't going to feel a thing and all along Scott was telling me stories about how he got his feet stomped on in a mosh pit back in '95 and he had to get the same proceedure done to BOTH toes at the same time. It made me calm and the proceedure was over with in no time; I hobbled right back into the waiting room.
And thanks to the ever patient Scott who always deals with my neediness, I didn't have to hobble the ten blocks home.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I don't like paying over ten dollars for anything except food these days, but one thing I splurged on the other day was Victoria's Secret Ipex wireless bra ($42). I'm a big hater of underwire, but sometimes feel like am wearing a training bra. I am also a hater of padding, but even though the Ipex has a little bit of molded foam, it is totally subtle and necessary to give a little womanly push-up. When I got home and tried it on, I was blown away by the comfort and more so the amount of cleavage I had without underwire. I've worn it everyday since, definitly an A+ purchase.

Above: Me with Ipex bra at wedding left; friend with 100% naturtal cleave
PS In the last entry about the wedding I forgot to add one of my most favorite favorite things; the apple butter wedding favor. Yummy and such cute packaging

Monday, July 2, 2007

Wedding Bells

I went to the most beautiful and fun wedding this weekend. My friends Amy and Leo got hitched on her parent's farm and it was absolutly perfect. I am having trouble thinking of how to keep this entry short and sweet because there were so many highlights, but here is a list below:
lavender saches
live bluegrass music
bridesmaid dresses made and designed by bridesmaid
short & sweet ceremony
antique wedding dress
made me envious reception dress
plaid groom shirt
russian love poem
Mr. Rodgers poem
goat cheese & figs
cherries in a box name tag (pictured above)
super super yummy lemony cake and other cake i kept thinking tasted like baklava
tea lights in pool
beautiful handmade twigs & mason jars chandeliers
clean country air
beautiful weather

Who's next?