Monday, July 2, 2007

Wedding Bells

I went to the most beautiful and fun wedding this weekend. My friends Amy and Leo got hitched on her parent's farm and it was absolutly perfect. I am having trouble thinking of how to keep this entry short and sweet because there were so many highlights, but here is a list below:
lavender saches
live bluegrass music
bridesmaid dresses made and designed by bridesmaid
short & sweet ceremony
antique wedding dress
made me envious reception dress
plaid groom shirt
russian love poem
Mr. Rodgers poem
goat cheese & figs
cherries in a box name tag (pictured above)
super super yummy lemony cake and other cake i kept thinking tasted like baklava
tea lights in pool
beautiful handmade twigs & mason jars chandeliers
clean country air
beautiful weather

Who's next?

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