Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me as Betty

one time my lesbian friend told me she never heard the term "girl crush" I guess for her it was too literal or something. I tried to explain that its not really that you want to be WITH your girl crush, just that you want to be exactly like your girl crush. She still didn't get it.

Girl Crush

I just love french girls
my new favorite blog leblogdebetty

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A true friend...

I love these friendship bracelets by my friend, Amanda Carrin

Sunday, September 21, 2008


so Scott's BF, Melissa was having some "art show" or "architecture show" tonight...he obviously did get the details. After driving around various parts of the city for 45 minutes due to the amazingly inaccurate event flier, we arrived at the Megawords "storefront." Oh, I thought to myself, I think I read about this, but all i could remember was the concept reminded me of the Comme Des Garcons Guerilla storefront concept. As it turns out, MEGAWORDS is a "Philly based non-commercial magazine" that "explores the modern urban environment and the establishment of an open and active dialogue between the magazine and the community at large." The "storefront" (i quote because the store is also more or less non-commercial) is a month long project with rotating installations,etc. The collection of zines, which I think you CAN actually buy, was really nice to pick through. I also picked up the latest issue of Megawords with some really pretty pictures of Chincoteague.

The Rachel Zoe Project -and remember the "e" is silent

my friend turned me onto surfthechannel.com, where tons of TV shows are available for free download...not sure if its legal or not, but who cares, I can't afford cable. Anyway, I am loving the Rachel Zoe Project. Forget Rachel Zoe -her assistant "Tay" is the bitch. Rachel Zoe seems a lot smarter than perez ever made her out to be and her goofy husband is kind of growing on me too. Anyway, I loved this outfit she wore with wide leg jeans, a peasantly blouse with full sleeves, and a short sleeve fur jacket over top. Wish it was faux, though. PETA needs to give her a call. or a splash of red paint. or whatever it is they do. but please don't boycott the show, i need to see wether or not they fire Brad.

Rammed at the last second

I am going through an ebay phase right now with vintage costume jewelry. I was at a party, then an art opening, but made sure I came home to bid on this super cool faux-bone ram head thing pendant. I was super psyched to be the high bidder until at the very last second someone out bid me!!! I hope every time the new owner looks at this necklace, she is reminded that a ram is a symbol for an awful personality trait called stubborness, and maybe next time she will let the right person win.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pure Goldette

I got turned on to costume jewelry from the Carole Tanenbaum pieces we carry at Petulia's Folly. I've scoured e-bay and found some choice pieces from Goldette, a well known costume jeweler from the 60's. This one I am particularly lusting after is a perfume compact pendant...as my Aunt Patty would say "ooh la la"

Cocquilletail Ring

This is the cocktail ring I bought the other day. To me, the gold part looks like it was cast from a shell. If you know your French, "cocquille" is french for shell. ...it took a few minutes, but once again i have thought of a wonderful pun as post heading.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


By the way, sorry I've been absent. I went to Europe for a while and didn't really know where to begin until today when I got excited about some rings. I am eventually going to upload some stuff from my travels to my sister blog, Becky's Tv Travels....that is if I can remember my password/\

Holy Trinity

I am obsessed with cocktail rings lately thanks to all the Pade Vavra we get at Petulia's Folly. Today I bought a vintage faux pearl ring from the Antiquarian in Philly. And two seconds ago I purchased three cocktail rings from old navy...they were super cheap! I can't wait to get them in the mail!