Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Rachel Zoe Project -and remember the "e" is silent

my friend turned me onto, where tons of TV shows are available for free download...not sure if its legal or not, but who cares, I can't afford cable. Anyway, I am loving the Rachel Zoe Project. Forget Rachel Zoe -her assistant "Tay" is the bitch. Rachel Zoe seems a lot smarter than perez ever made her out to be and her goofy husband is kind of growing on me too. Anyway, I loved this outfit she wore with wide leg jeans, a peasantly blouse with full sleeves, and a short sleeve fur jacket over top. Wish it was faux, though. PETA needs to give her a call. or a splash of red paint. or whatever it is they do. but please don't boycott the show, i need to see wether or not they fire Brad.

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