Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My favorite part of today

Today I met a really neat stranger. He was wearing a very large cowboy hat, looked uncannily like Gary Busey, and grew up on a house boat in Louisianna. Somehow, he got into describing how nice a deer skin rug feels againt the soles of your feet on a real cold morning. It was a really swell converstaion that lasted only about three minutes, but it really made my day.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


These are two of my students, Eugenia (left) and Viola (right). Eugenia loves shoes and the color pink and Viola loves to make trouble with Eugenia. They are from Milan, Italy and have managed to teach me a few things: hat=cappello (and look at these lovely pilgrim-like cappellos the little fashionisas sewed up with some fabric and filo (thread)) I also learned bellisimo (very beautiful) and "solo scarpe" or "only shoes" otherwise known as Eugenia's mantra.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hanes T-shirt got Isabelled

Here is a picture of one of my students, Isabelle. We reconstructed a t-shirt together- Isabelle chose a dark heather grey hanes t-shirt and we made it really slim in her arms and body. She randomly grapped some navy blue scrap of fabric and appliqued it on the front right side (you can't tell from this crappy pix image) with contrasting yellow thread. Then she tacked on some funky metal buttons adjacent to the applique. We put some yellow velvet elasic on the shoulder seam. The end product was some sort of hipstery vintage-sport nauticalist but overall cool T-shirt. I told her it would definitly sell at Urban Outfitters.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I embellished these vintage military bags for free people. I think they thought they were too girly, but I really liked them. here is a back view.

I telemarket at the art museum very part time. FYI they are having two major exhibits this year: Renior Landscapes in October and Frida Kahlo in February; also, they are opening the Perlman building which is exciting for me because this is the first time the costume and textile collection will be on perminant display.

Monday I start teaching high school kids fashion design at a summer camp. It should be interesting; I look at my sketchbook from high school and it try not to confuse it with a fourth grader's.

Those are the things I get paid for. If you want to advertise on this blog, let me know. All you millions of viewers who read but leave 0 comments

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lil Bush

And speaking of Graduate spoofs, did anyone watch Lil Bush tonight? What a waste of my time, I wish I had finished watching the repeat of Fit Club. If there is one thing I hate, its gimicks, and thats all this stupid show was. Although it is pretty cool that there is an entire show dedicated to making a mockery of the currrent administration, thats basically the only cool thing about it. It was really not clever and I am sure so many people could have done such a better job, especially with the amount of material available. I did liked Lil Condie.
Don't worry, I start teaching Summer Camp next week. I'll have other things to talk about when I am not watching TV all the time. Hey, I gotta shop the market, though.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Graduate

Tonight I am going to watch The Graduate. One of my all time favorite films. The first time I ever saw it, I was about 14 and it was the million dollar movie on channel 6 abc. I taped it, knowing I would probably fall asleep 15 minutes in. I must have watched that over a million times, but the funny thing was that there wasn't enough tape left so it didn't even record the ending. Eventually I bought the video and finally understood the humor in various simpson's episodes where they spoof the wedding in the church at the end.

Whoever decided to have Benjamin block the door with the crusifix was pretty genius

My Dad never understands how I can watch movies over and over again, like Annie Hall, which I at one point estimated to have watched over 150 times. Some things just never get old for me; i love noticing som nuance that i hadn't on the other 149 viewings

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Nose

Skottles has always had a crush on Ashlee Simpson. I never knew what he saw in her until she got a nose job. She's totally hot these days...I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda want a nose job myself.

James used to call me "Protruder" when I was younger because of my nose. Peggy, my mom, would always say "you know, your nose grows faster than your face, it will catch up some day" Now she says "you know, noses never stop growing, unlike the rest of your face." Somewhere around tenth grade I may have had the perfect nose-to-face ratio

I put my photoshopping skills to the test. Left, my real nose. Right, Me with Ashlee's nose taken from above picture with Pete.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tony and Woody

disappointed in the series finale of the sopranos. watching Manhattan now, much better. love it when Diane Keaton says "I'm from Philadelphia and we don't talk about things like that" i dont really know what she means by that

After Manhattan I am going to watch John Tucker Must Die which is newly available on demand

life is much different with cable TV

Stuff I Can't Afford

Really want the new Iphone. My verizon contract expires just two months after it becomes available.
Seriously considering whoring myself to the fashion industry once again come fall

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Heads Up: Turbans

I realized after doing my research for today's blog "every single fashion blogger has blogged about the Prada turban"
I picked up JANE before I got on the airplane this weekend, and I really liked page 50 which taught me how to wrap my head in a scarf a la Edith Bouvier aka Little Edie. I tried it out today for myself, and moments later while surfin' around in my new 'do, I came across a few top shop versions of this season's "hottest accessory."

Personally, I think the scarf is the most wearable way to get this turban took, but top shop's grey jersey "turban" (looks more like a 1920's cloche to me) is a close second. The satin turban/prada knock off is a bit too obvious, but reminds me how much I am loving hot candy pink these days, and for 15 british llbs it wouldn't hurt to play aound with. I'd stay away from the $250 original, even if you can get it on backorder

Hope you love my photoshopping as much as I do

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chau America

Wanted to give you a heads up on the up coming segment on BTTV entitled "Chau America" (not to be confused with PBS's Caio Italia) featuring my friend, Kris Chau, food critic. She likes mangoes and looks good in my undies, but I think she looks best eating beef brisket.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Not Preggars

I've been really into the trapeze silhouette for a while now.....but my brother and my boyfriend, Skottles, have been advising against me wearing these "mumus" ever since i've been wearing them. Whatever- I don't know about ya'll, but I dress to impress women, not men. And neither my brother nor Skottles are necessarily the arbiters of fashion...
But it looks like they were right about this one.
Skottles and I were in the hospital today, where my mom and his dad both work. We were on the elevator, leaving, riding along with some nice middle aged lady.
"Oh!!!! are you expecting?" She exlaims
"No" I repsonded deadpan.
Sadly enough, this wasn't the first time someone thought I was pregnant. And I could just feel Skottle's "I told you so" grin trying not to burst out into laughter. At the time, I felt worse for the nice lady who was sticking her own foot further and further into her mouth than I did about my fat self
"But!? You're wearing that shirt! And you're in the hositpal!" The elevator door opened just in the nick of time and she ran off as fast as she could.
Its okay lady. I am still in denial. I know I need to lose 35-40 llbs. And I know I can't wear what Kate Moss wears and keep thinking I look just like her. I know this should be my wake-up call. But I don't KNOW know; you know?
Anyway, I gotta go put my stretch pants on and make some cupcakes
Have a great day and take a little time to enjoy the poo