Saturday, June 9, 2007

Heads Up: Turbans

I realized after doing my research for today's blog "every single fashion blogger has blogged about the Prada turban"
I picked up JANE before I got on the airplane this weekend, and I really liked page 50 which taught me how to wrap my head in a scarf a la Edith Bouvier aka Little Edie. I tried it out today for myself, and moments later while surfin' around in my new 'do, I came across a few top shop versions of this season's "hottest accessory."

Personally, I think the scarf is the most wearable way to get this turban took, but top shop's grey jersey "turban" (looks more like a 1920's cloche to me) is a close second. The satin turban/prada knock off is a bit too obvious, but reminds me how much I am loving hot candy pink these days, and for 15 british llbs it wouldn't hurt to play aound with. I'd stay away from the $250 original, even if you can get it on backorder

Hope you love my photoshopping as much as I do

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Anonymous said...

its zach. your photoshoping skills are funny. keep it up. you need to do video blogs.