Saturday, November 29, 2008

Persian Rug

Ever since I stayed at Hotel Kunstof in Vienna, I've been wanting a vintage persian rug. Because of their geometric designs, I thought it was a real nice way to tie in the something old with all of the modern stuff they had going on. A cute little boutique hotel outside the city center, Kunstof ("art house") had changing installations of local artists. I loved the knit cozies for the columns in the lobby and especially the stag craddling a baby...the receptionist couldn't remember the artist's name.

Anyway, ebay has some pretty cheap rugs, like this runner that I want to put in my hallway. It goes for $230 and is 3'4"x9'11 handmade in Iran.

Traveler's Joy

My friends Shelby and Paddy are celebrating their marriage in May and are traveling to Southeast Asia for their honeymoon. Instead of a traditional registry, they went to travler' where the bride and groom register for the honeymoon of their dreams. Basically, you can buy activities like a couples massage or champagne by the pool. Not only do I fully support the gift of travel and pampering, but I was psyched about the prices which were very affordable! I want to buy them Vietnamese cooking class which goes for only $55!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trend Alert...scarf on ankle

I couldn't find any picture, and I haven't had a camera on me when I noticed two different people wearing bandanas around their ankles. Its a good way to do something new with the scarf. I give it a thumbs up. I also give it a few months to reach the masses a la the balenciaga "kifyia."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


you know i love t-shirts. I've been all over print liberation's political Ts, live in my american apparel deep v t virtually all weekend every weekend, have recently taken my four different urban renewal Ramones t-shirts out of retirement (again), and wear my Clu when I want to feel like I need to try a little bit. That's why i can't wait for Alexander Wang's T line. I viewed the collection back in september, and loved their easy simple sexiness. Though they're probably better suited for a skinny model's body (think Erin Wasson, not Becky's TV), I'm psyched to finally be able to wear something super comfy to work in the spring. They retail around $80...which I think is a steal. Especially if you employ the math of my co-worker, Nicole, who divides the retail price by the amount of times she'll wear something to determine to overall value.

Monday, November 3, 2008