Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Ubiquitous Arab Scarf (T-form)

I know a fashion trend is soooo overdone when i see some random person I went to junior high with trying to pull it off at the annual thanksgiving hometown bar crawl. I was surprised that the whole Balenciaga Arabic scarf thing hit the mainstream so fast.
While having this same conversation with my good friend, Ann, she commented "you know who started this whole trend, you know?! Besides the Arabs, I mean..........were the Libertines" (ie pete doherty not the marqui de sade)
Anyway....most likely a knockoff itself, I like Topshop's satirical take on the scarf with this T-shirt. I really want it, but its already sold out....

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Anonymous said...

its called a kifiya (or kifyia, whatever), and I stole my dads in 1994. he bought his in NYC in , like, 1984, so whatever. love zach