Monday, May 24, 2010


ok I honestly wasn't into the whole MeowMiu, Year of the Cat trend as forcasted by Laia .  I've never been a cat person and just didn't get it.
that was until Joey showed up...

we are not sure what his story is, but he started hanging out by our back door and was immediately cuddly and friendly.  I noticed he was a bit chubby and when we finally got him a little box, we discovered he was already trained... we think he might have another home in the neighborhood.
I have so much love for this cat and though he hasn't let us take him in (he loves the great outdoors as much as his free kitty chow and tummy rubs) I think I understand what it means to love a cat.

I love this beautiful photo by Tracey Emin of her cat, Docket, and I really could relate to her love for him

also, here are Tracey Emin's directions for your very own cat quilt here
oh and I love my friend McKenzie's blog of cats sitting in windows
and dreamcats, too... my friend, Lizzy's pretty kitty has a cameo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pants Dance

I love short summer dresses and yearn to wear them all season long.  Alas, I am cursed with cankles, so aside from the occasional maxi dress, I am subjected to wearing pants.
 ugh...I've been searching hi and low for the perfect pant.  Something comfy and cool (both figuratively and literally); no jeans (I have way to many!)
Anyone have some suggestions?  Here are some I like...

comfy silk trouser from creatures of comfort 

Hope Mr. Trousers also from CoC 

I got these babies at Petulia's Folly (pic fro CoC)....they look great tucked into lace up boots
the terry is SUPER soft...I never want to take them off.  this dress in the same fabric is amazing (if only I had her legs)
available at Petulia's Folly 

I was in LOVE with these matte jersey curator pants from J.Crew 
they seemed like a dream come true.  Until I tried them on in the store and they were too tight on my cankles :(

these are really cute, thought! (and affordable to boot!)