Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pants Dance

I love short summer dresses and yearn to wear them all season long.  Alas, I am cursed with cankles, so aside from the occasional maxi dress, I am subjected to wearing pants.
 ugh...I've been searching hi and low for the perfect pant.  Something comfy and cool (both figuratively and literally); no jeans (I have way to many!)
Anyone have some suggestions?  Here are some I like...

comfy silk trouser from creatures of comfort 

Hope Mr. Trousers also from CoC 

I got these babies at Petulia's Folly (pic fro CoC)....they look great tucked into lace up boots
the terry is SUPER soft...I never want to take them off.  this dress in the same fabric is amazing (if only I had her legs)
available at Petulia's Folly 

I was in LOVE with these matte jersey curator pants from J.Crew 
they seemed like a dream come true.  Until I tried them on in the store and they were too tight on my cankles :(

these are really cute, thought! (and affordable to boot!)


Alycia said...

What about wearing boots with short dresses? I want you to wear short summery dresses!

Missed Periods said...

Who makes those pants in the last picture? They are super cute.

Becky said...

They are also by J.Crew!

Carly Jane said...

I wish that the term cankle had never been invented, then I could call my own ankle area something different. Something attractive. Thought the term ankle is pretty guttural too. The cankle crew should join together and rally for pretty pants!

Tania said...

no no no no no! Please, wear what you want, ignore what the world say about cankles. And ankle boots (but not tight ones) and minidresses are a blessing. Chuck the trousers and be adventurous
(I sound like a fashion guru, but I'm really not. I'm not even that good at dressing myself, only designing :S)


Becky said...

thanks for the support and advice, guys!