Sunday, April 4, 2010

Puttin on Tights

I love this drawing by kris chau
I always feel so funny puttin' on tights...its such an awkward funny fun thing that only a girl can understand
this really captures a special moment for me
a moment that I have all to myself, gettin' dressed in the morning, almost feeling like i'm little and playing dress up
and remembering when i was little, hanging out with my mom & watching how she scrunched up each leg before getting them over her foot
so I bought a print! and if you know what I mean about puttin' on tights you can buy it, too...
don't you just love chau?


Anonymous said...

Loved your post,
Awesome blog!
Please check out ours, comment, follow, whatever, it's all great!
-Madeline and Sophie

Anonymous said...

super nice drawing.. i can relate :)