Sunday, September 21, 2008


so Scott's BF, Melissa was having some "art show" or "architecture show" tonight...he obviously did get the details. After driving around various parts of the city for 45 minutes due to the amazingly inaccurate event flier, we arrived at the Megawords "storefront." Oh, I thought to myself, I think I read about this, but all i could remember was the concept reminded me of the Comme Des Garcons Guerilla storefront concept. As it turns out, MEGAWORDS is a "Philly based non-commercial magazine" that "explores the modern urban environment and the establishment of an open and active dialogue between the magazine and the community at large." The "storefront" (i quote because the store is also more or less non-commercial) is a month long project with rotating installations,etc. The collection of zines, which I think you CAN actually buy, was really nice to pick through. I also picked up the latest issue of Megawords with some really pretty pictures of Chincoteague.

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