Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lazy Days

Today I was so lazy. As you can see, I spent much of the day in front of this computer. When I am too lazy to think about my appearance (which is almost anyday, actually) these are my favorite make-me-feel-decent-with-minimal-effort products. Most of them i use everyday regardless of my motivation, or lack thereof.

rosebud minted lip salve -the best textured balm i have ever tried
comme des garcons odeur 53 eau de toilette -clean, crisp, unique
american apparel deep v tee in heather grey -comfy, casual, sexy
dior hydrating skin tint SPF 20- moisturizing, sheer coverage, and most importantly protects my skin
victorias secret wireless ipex bra- comfort with clevage
secret original shower fresh- i've been using this since i was 12. fresh, clean, not overpowering.
frizz ease -smooths out the fly aways and saves me time in the shower when i can't condition

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