Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why couldn't I have been Tavi when I was twelve?

I came across Tavi while reading my friend Laia's blog. I couldn't tell if she was a real life twelve year old, or a seasoned fashion industry professional who happened to suffer from dwarfism. Teen vogue verified that she is, in fact, twelve years old as they named her "blogger of the moment." I mean, isn't she technically a tween, disqualifying her from the blogger of the moment award?
Srsly, not only does this girl have the fashion sense to outcool a bar full of hipsters any day, but she has the most hilariously dry writing style to boot. AND, she knows her fashion shit. AND she plays guitar and loves music more than she loves fashion. She is so pretty, too...this girl is going to grow up to be a total rock star.
Is it fair to be so jealous of a 7th grader? Honestly, as I am writing this, I am beginning to think her older damn-the-man teenage sibling is just dressing Tavi up in random articles of clothing, making a mockery of all of us "serious" fashion bloggers.
still jealous.

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clothesminded said...

um yeah: i'm kinda weirded out by how cool this girl is.
i'm pretty sure i was in braces sneaking cigarettes after hebrew school when i was 12.