Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twin Power!

Just before Christmas, the cutest set of twin sisters came in to Petulia's Folly with their dad. They mentioned they had a jewelry line, and were of course wearing some of their pieces. I didn't particularly take notice that day. However, a few weeks later I was in Boston shopping in a store called Stel's on Newbury St and I immediately recognized some of the jewelry they carried as the twins'. It turns out the line is Lizzie Fortunato...designed by Lizzie, but the business end is handled by her twin sister, Kathryn. I love how Lizzie mixes textiles and tassels with found objects and beautiful semi-precious stones. Since January, I keep revisiting their site and one day hope to own a few pieces. And since I am a twin myself, I doubly support the collaboration!!

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