Thursday, May 31, 2007

Becky's TV Television

Hi Ya'll
Some of you may know about my talk show called "Becky's TV Television"
For those of you who don't, let me give you some background:
When I was little (in age, not size) I used to pretend I was the host of my own talk show. I only did this whenever I would take a shower. I would imagine that I was (clothed) talking into the camera that was (imaginarily) placed in the side wall of the shower. The guests on my talkshow would usually be my crush (also clothed) that time is was usually Ted. I can't remember what we talked about....
To this day my love of gossip, I mean, talking to people, and also Oprah are the reasons I still daydream about one day having my very own talk show. Ideally, it would be broadcast on Philadelphia's Lasalle 56, but I already wrote them and they told me I have to be a part of the faculty, staff member, or a student. Im not going back to college...
Alas, its 2:22 am, I have a strange TB like cough that is keeping me from sleep, and just to create this blog on a whim. Hopefully, I will one day really have my own talk show. But in the meantime, please feel free to e-mail with "Show" topics.
So, here's to some shocking paternity tests, riveting washed-up celebrity interviews, freakshows, conversations with The Other Side, triple cheating boyfriends (who may just be girlfriends), and my original segment entitled "The Former Crush Segment"
I love redundancy
Happy Reading
Happy TV
I love redundancy


constance culver said...

i've been waiting for this. i hope you touch on 'Rules on Oggling Strangers' as i think i made a fetching young thing a little uncomfortable last nite on a particularly long train ride home.

Likely Lass said...

I'm excited by all of this! I'm availible if you need a consultant on matters of the paranormal. I'm also an expert on coffee and tea. Oh, and fashion...