Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Skottles and I went on a great vacation. We flew into San Francisco on a beautiful day and stayed around until the next. Then we slept over my best friend in the whole wide world's house in Stockton. She made us a really cool fort to sleep in. Then we drove into Yosemite and camped & hiked there for a couple days....it was my favorite part of the trip. Next, Skottles drove us through the desert where we took photos of ghost towns and went to the lunar crater where we got a flat tire and another one that was leeking. I was scared we were going to have to wait for a tow truck, but a nice polygamist family of 25 or so stopped to help us. We made it to the nearest town of Ely, Nevada which was only about 90 miles away. That ended up being a great part of the trip also; I love surprises. After that, we headed to Las Vegas by way of the Extraterestrial Highway...stopped at the Little Ale'Inn and ate alien burgers. Area 51 was not to far away, so we drove down an 11 mile dirt road to see signs that said no trespassing. After that, we headed to LV and relaxed by the pool, cut in line at a buffet, and went to a funny burlesque show, but didn't get married at a drive in chapel like I've always wanted to do.

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