Thursday, November 15, 2007

getting new things is just like starting over

do you ever go through droughts where you can't find anything on the market that you want to buy? Like even if you had an extra thousand dollars you wouldn't buy anythign cause it all sucks? I do. amazingly.
I am a having a moment that is completly opposite of that right now. There are so many things I want right now. Besides the cowboy boots and bedframe the list is as follows:

Cherry Blossoms cowboy boots from Caboots
LAMB hand drawn herringbone leggings
and possibly the herringbone coat
Rachel Comey ryder clog available at Vagabond
Commes des Garcon Odeur 53 perfume and liquid soap (this is my signature scent!!! and seems to be either sold old everywhere including the old standbys Barneys and Sephora which leads me to believe it is goign to be discontinued :( will i have no scentual identity? Maybe not if i order it from a boutique in the UK)
John Derian "Dirty Rose mini tray and "Liberetto" tray (think i am purchasing these tomorrow)
Music by the flaming lips and also John Lennon (going to do a search right after i post this)

even if i had an extra thousand i dont think it would be anough to cover all of the above. in fact, I am sure it would take at least three thousand.

as Scott says "you're so cute when you dream"

and then i tell him "you make me feel like this (i make squashing-a-gnat-instantly-with-swift-clap-of-hands motion)"

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