Wednesday, July 16, 2008


the weirdest fashion moment happened today. Yesterday, I spent $277 at Anthropologie, but decided to take back the two items i bought b/c it seemed like too much. Before I left, i was browsing around Myspace, where my friend Laia posted about her blog, geometric sleep being featured on ELLE. I noticed some amazing pair of shoes she had on and was thinking to myself "I also need an amazing pair of shoes"
So, I left, returned my items, and then went to Joan Shepp where I scored by finding these amazing dries van noten lace up platforms for only $150...thats right...these suckers originally cost $795!!!!
Anyway, I just sat down to blog about my find and while prowling the web for a pic of them. The only pics I could find of the plum color which I purchased happened to be on Geometric Sleep! It turns out Laia has been pining after these shoes for months......she is going to be so jealous of my find!


laia. said...

oh no becky i am so jealous! as i type this i am trying to think of stuff i can sell so i can get money to buy these shoes. AAAAAH!

i have to see a pic of you wearing them!

clothesminded said...

im jealous too becky, those are super cute!