Friday, June 12, 2009

Becky Dator is a feminist. Sorry; a bra burner.

How do I define feminism? Feminism is the idea that women should have the same rights and the same advantages as men.  In other words, all humans should have the same rights and same advantages as one another.
How one can agree with this statement and not consider themselves a feminist, I do not understand.  How one can buy into feminist STEREOTYPES, I do understand to a certain extent.  To realize that it is a stereotype and still deny feminism is illogical.

Here is a poem written by "Rei Kawakuba" as posted by "Karl Lagerfeld"
Uncle Karl may be "heartless and souless"  but surely he does not support inequality amongst the sexes?  By MY definition, he is a feminist regardless of wether or not he likes to be labeled as one.

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