Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where did you come from?

I saw Food Inc. the other week and it really got me thinking.  Where do the things I put in my body come from?  Watch the movie, read your food labels, and you will find the answer is really disturbing.  It inspired me to want to buy local, organic, and free range products.  Not only for health sake, but also to preserve this beautiful earth and all its living things.

The movie got me thinking about all the things I consume and their impact on the environment. So while I was in Montreal, I visited Lemieux  (their sight is not so attractive, and unless you can read french, its not so helpful) a store that makes eco-friendly bath and cleaning products right in the store.  The products are contained in huge barrels and once you buy something, you bring back your containers for a refill.  I bought lavender & goatsmilk and honeysuckle bodywash.  

Yesterday I received an e-mail blast from Nylon magazine, which informed me of the Body Shop's new organic virgin coconut oil line.  The oil is from a small organic coconut co-op in Samoa.  On their site you can see interviews with some of the farmers who grow the coconuts.  Knowing where this product came from, that there is so much care put into the ingredients, and that workers are paid fairly made me really want to stand behind the Body Shop's product.  Reading about the companies values, made me want to support them even more.  So, today I went in after work and purchased some soap bars!!!

As they say in Food Inc. every time you make a purchase, you are casting a vote.  I know that even so called eco-friendly products still leave their carbon footprint on the planet,  but I'll feel better "voting" towards positive change, even if small.

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