Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fashion Weak

just when i need inspiration the most (sketching some ideas for my imaginary spring 2009 line) Fall 2008 fashion shows have left me more or less uninspired. so much blah blah black and not enough new. Now, some bloggers have been discussing the return of boho, and even my friend, Heather said to me last night on the phone "i'm not just imagining it, am I? the boho look is returning." Is it me, or has this ethnic meets boho meets whatever look never left?
While nothing involved was a new concept in my opinion, the only collection that left me absolutely lusting was Emma Cook's concoction of black and white tie-dyes mixed with frilly lace and latex leggings. I want I want I want.
see my next post for a list of things I bought in lieu of tie-died pretty things I can't afford

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