Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fashion Synchronicity

Do you believe in synchronicity? (c.g jung, not the police) I was just thinking how i really want to make a cool verison of those Ts i made as a girl where you cut the sleeves into strips of fringe then string on the plastic pony beads....later that day, Agathe over at stylebytes did just that. She beat me to my brilliant idea....if i haven't mentioned it before, laziness is my biggest downfall.
I'd love to think of myself as ahead of the trends, but this is not synchronicity at all....this ethnic meets boho meets whatever has been around for quite some time (boho tech as topshop is calling their take on this trend) and I am absolutely loving it. While browsing I adored the dress Kate Hudson wore to the SAG awards. I've never really paid attention to Balmain, but loved the way they mixed soft floral prints with native american motifs, as in the beaded eagle dress worn by KH.
Since I can't afford a fringed miu-miu bag, anything Balmain, or the shipping charge from the UK, I may just have to commit to making that T shirt or splurging on these beaded earrings from ebay (by way of stylebytes)

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