Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dexter Eggs


first of all, I have decided not to sell my eggs. there is a slight risk of death do to all of the crazy hormones and medical stuff you have to do. amazingly, I still am not deterred by the fact that could have been a smaller version of myself running around this crazy world. Anyway, speaking of eggs, Scott and I are OBSESSED with the Showtime series, Dexter. We started watching Season 2 when I moved in with my sister who isn't too cheap to pay for cable. Needless to say, I am that cheap and completely missed out on Season1 of Dexter. Now, I am backtracking and downloading the first 12 episodes from itunes. I have to limit myself to 2 episodes a night, otherwise I know I'd get too overzealous and watch the entire season in one night, not knowing what to do for entertainment the next day because of the writers strike.
Anyway, back to the eggs. I love the opening credits, which inadvertently has inspired my everyday breakfast- fried eggs on an english muffin with heaps of Frank's Buffalo sauce; "dexter eggs" as I call them- in the credits the eggs with hot sauce is supposed to make you think of blood, but i just get hungry. Then again, I started eating McDonalds again after 2 years of abstinence because of reading Fast Food Nation...

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