Wednesday, June 2, 2010


twiggy cover 1967
twiggy 2

I was so obsessed with Twiggy as a middle schooler; she was what made me want to become a fashion designer.  At the time, I remember talking to my guidance counselor and being to embarassed to say that was what I wanted to do when I grew up because I thought it wasn't intellectual enough...I told him instead that I wanted to be an artist.
Anyway, it was about the time when I started to learn what the internet was, and I had some Twiggy fan site bookmarked and would just look at it all the time (the theme music was the Beatles "and your bird can sing").  I bought some Twiggy stuff off of ebay, including this original fan magazine

Twiggy Clip 1
i'm sure my hair stylist loved it when I brought him this how to guide on Twiggy's haircut. I wanted mine exactly like hers.


Anna Katrina said...

oh wow shes gorgeous! would love to see your twiggy inspired hair style!

Anna Katrina

TheTweedz said...

Love the Blog.
Chek out our blog! =]
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My Favorite Pieces said...

love the twiggy pics,love the mod look