Thursday, July 15, 2010


its been a while
because its

La Push, Washington
(no I am not a fan of Twighlight, but this place was beautiful! )

I went to Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula,Vancouver city, and Connecticut for two weeks, and am slowly getting back into the work/housework routine.
here are a few things I have been interested in lately...

picked up Revolutionary Road and read it cover to cover on my return flight. Haven't seen the film yet, but am always fascinated with 1950-60s genre (esp gender roles and of course the clothing!) .  Can't wait for Mad Men's return!

i've been very into indian paisley's (loving this Beyond Vintage top from FP )

and woodblock prints (via material concern and more on the subject at  design sponge )

it was my most lovely friend, Kris Chau's 30th b-day !  I got her one of these Cheng & Eng porcelain figurines to keep Yoda company on work desk !  I am obsessed with Cheng & Eng and conjoined twins all together.  I am so psyched to go to Scott's medical school formal at the Mutter Museum , where the famous duo's death cast is on view!  
Watch the film Twin Falls Idaho for more conjoined twins inspiration.

As we get closer to fall, hopefully I can find some more inspiring stuff to post more regularly.  As for now, I am going to laz-about and enjoy the rest of summer.

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