Monday, January 26, 2009

my weekend in pictures (Saturday)

Instead of working and watching Super Nanny with Scott like we usually do, I actually had an eventful, social weekend. A couple of friends came down from NYC on friday night, and we spent all day together on Saturday. First we went to brunch at Cafe Lift, where I had never been. Their specialty is crispelles aka overstuffed fancy crepes. But I had my favorite...huevos rancheros. It was delicious and the industrial/modern atmosphere made us think we were eating in a restaurant at a modern art museum. Overall good experience...I would return.
we were then supposed to go to a shooting range, but decided to go to my all time favorite thrift store in Germantown, Bargain Thrift. They always have tons of vintage gloves,handmade crochet doilies and embroideries that I use for crafts, beaded handbags, books, and tons of clothes, all for super cheap.our friend, Neil, showed up and told me about this awesome vintage/antique furniture place around the corner. I have no Idea what its called and its only opened on Saturdays, but it is owned by some guy named Carl, who will tell you a story about every piece there, 50% of which I think is made up, but whatever. Twelve year old Damar works there, too.Anyway, they had some really great furniture, art, jewelry, and anything else you can think of. Carl's prices weren't rock bottom or anything, but I'm sure you can talk him down. I loved the stuffed goose and these huge carved wood eagle bar stools (not pictured) but I could only afford to walk away with a 2 drawer card catalog which i will use to store my sewing notions. I highly recommend visiting Carl...his place is located on Queen Lane just south of Germantown has a big OPEN flag on the outside.
We were exhausted after our outing in Germantown, but we drove back to my friend, Jay's house where he gave us all magical manicures. Then we went to Cantina Los Cabolitos in South Philly to meet some of our former college professors. Scott picked my friend Ann and I up from there and took us to the Chinatown bus so i could head up to NYC for the New York International Gift Fair the next day. more pics to follow...

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laia. said...

oh man Bargain Thrift, best ever. i miss it.